Every Little Bit Helps

We are totally self-supporting. We rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to help us achieve our mission.

Ways To Give

We need supplies

We are totally self-supporting. We rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to help us achieve our mission.

Wish List

Donate Now

You can make a difference and save a life.

With your gift we can continue to save lives. We are a young lean and efficient organization with recurring expenses. The primary expenses of course are the veterinary bills.  No donation is too small.  3R Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your contribution is 100% tax-deductible.

Ways to Give

Choose the best way to donate that works for you

However you choose to give, we are extremely grateful for your help. Thank you.

Donate Now and Planned Giving

Make a donation now – Use any major credit card to make a donation through PayPal. It’s safe and secure, and you don’t need to have a PayPal account.

Just click the button below

or if you are an experienced PayPal user — you can log into Paypal and pay directly to email:  3rrescue@gmail.com

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If you’d prefer to write a check, please make it payable to 3R Rescue and send it to:

3R Rescue
PO Box 608
Winters, CA 95694

Planned Giving

You can elect to donate a certain amount each month (Min $10) and it will be billed to your credit card. Your ongoing support enables us to keep our Waggin Trains going, provide food, routine and emergency medical care, training for our adoptive and special needs dogs.
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Support Our Waggin’ Train

3R’s “Waggin Trains” are life-saving efforts that start with pleas from over-crowded, often rural or under-sourced shelters with too many dogs.

Because of overcrowding, these dogs are in imminent danger of being euthanized. 3R works with its network of partner rescue organizations out-of-state to relocate these dogs to areas of the country where they will be adopted and loved for the rest of their lives.
3R Rescue Waggin Train

Our ““Waggin Trains” are a journey with several stops along the way, ending when each dog is placed with a caring family. Here’s how a “Waggin Train” works.

    • Step 1 – RESCUE –3R receives many pleas almost daily from over-crowded shelters. We also have
      established relationships with some of the more high risk shelters where the need for rescue never seems to diminish. At the shelter dogs are evaluated for health, temperament and other issues by a 3R representative or delegate prior to transport. Once the group of dogs is chosen they are transported to 3R by volunteers from 3R or a coordinated effort with other rescue organizations. They are brought to a safe environment where they can receive the care they need.
    • Step 2 – REHABILITATION –Dogs that come to 3R are spayed/neutered and updated on all shots. They
      are also put on a program designed specifically for their needs. For some dogs this means a nutritional
      program. For others it may mean taking care of long ignored medical conditions. Almost all require basic
      obedience training. Others require a program to make them again emotionally whole. Still others need
      work socializing with other dogs and in some cases with people. 3R provides all of this to prepare them
      for the final stop on the train.
    • Step 2 – RE-HOME –“Waggin Train” dogs are then transported to one of our partner organizations to be put up for adoption. We stay in close contact during each dog’s stay at the partner organization. We monitor and follow-up to ensure a happy ending.Preparation for each dog for the “Waggin Train” costs a minimum of $125 which includes medical care, testing and preparation so they are ready for adoption as soon as they arrive at the partner organization. Basic obedience training, if needed is done by volunteers under the guidance of a certified trainer. This “Rehab” step at 3R shortens the time the dog will spend at the partner organization, enabling us to provide well-adjusted, happy dogs that are truly ready for their new families.

We are scheduling “Waggin Trains” monthly. Our goal at this time is to have 10 dogs on each train. This can only happen with you!! Please help keep our “Waggin Trains” moving and full by donating today!!

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Our Wish List

 We have a “Wish List” of items that would help us maintain and grow our organization and the services it provides.

Please email 3rrescue@gmail.com if you can donate any of these:

  • Can and dry dog food. Dry food for small dogs – small kibble please.
  • Dog care items such as dog coats, leashes, collars, harnesses, piddle pads, x-pens, etc.
  • Items for silent auction fundraisers, gift certificates.
  • Kuranda Dog Beds ~ med and large (click on icon)
  • Thundershirts – for our shy dogs
  • Shelter-Dog-Blue-192x128




Gift certificates for 3R to buy supplies

      • WalMart
      • Costco
      • Petco
      • PetSmart
      • Pet Express

We also need:

      • Person or Company willing to discount or donate shirts, hats and other items that can be imprinted with the 3R logo to sell for fundraising. Since we are a new organization we would love to be able to promote ourselves!
      • More foster homes!!
      • More adopters!!

If you would like to contribute to any of these items now just click the “Make A Donation” button below.

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Where Your Money Goes

What does it cost for 3R to rescue a dog? Expenses will vary depending on the dog and the type of rescue but here’s an idea. Most of our money covers medical expenses that are part of “Rehabilitation” part of 3R to get the dog ready for adoption. Rehabilitation doesn’t necessarily mean that there are problems. Rehab includes routine medical care necessary to prepare an animal for adoption. Costs vary depending upon where the dog comes from and where medical support is available. Here are some examples of what is required and may be needed.


      • Spay/Neuter: biggest cost $75-$350 depending on location and size of the dog
      • Shots – rabies, routine vaccinations
      • Worming, flea treatment, heartworm testing and treatment
      • Microchip

As needed

      • Grooming (no cost when we do it, but some of our dogs really need a professional)
      • Teeth cleaning:  can be very expensive $100 and up
      • Tooth extraction: more expensive $300-$600
      • Antibiotic and medical treatment for common illnesses inherent to shelter life (kennel cough, giardia are the common ones)
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Corporate Giving Programs

Your company may be able to help 3R Rescue through you.

Do you know your company policy for charitable gifts or donations? For example, some companies do matching donations or will donate money for hours that you volunteer for your favorite charity. This can mean money for 3R rescue. At a recent animal rescue conference an expert in fundraising said one of the most overlooked sources of money was corporate giving programs. Many employees don’t even know that these programs exist within their companies.

Some companies will match $ for $ or donate $ for employee volunteer hours and even set up automatic payroll deduction and match amounts. Sometimes the charitable foundation is a separate entity from the main company and not well advertised to the employees. Ask your boss or human resources person if they know about it. You can help 3R by checking into this with your company and asking friends and family members to inquire their employers. You can also search the internet for Corporate Giving Programs to find the companies.

Did you also know that you may be able to donate airline miles to help fly one of our dogs to support our Waggin Trains or get a dog to their new home? We are forming partnerships with out of state rescue organizations and need to raise money and find ways to transport our dogs. You may be able to help. Check with your airline for rules.