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About 3R Rescue

Why We Are Needed

The reality is that everyday dogs of all sizes and shapes with wonderful hearts, personalities and lots of love to give are brought to local shelters. There are many reasons why. Some of them don’t adjust to shelter life. They’re afraid. They stress. . . and their true personality disappears in shelter life.

Shelters are over crowded and under-resourced (finanically, facilities, etc.). They don’t have the personnel to give the dogs the time and the love they need. Many shelters don’t have the medical staff, financial resources or programs in place to address their needs. Some rural shelters don’t even have people visiting regularly looking to adopt a dog. For dogs at these shelters it could be the end of the road.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need of a second chance. They are provided medical care, quality nutrition and the opportunity to once again relax and socialize in a home environment, enabling them to be ‘good citizens’ in their new life.

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Organization & What We Do

We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home dogs in need of a second chance.

Rescue = We have an established and constantly growing network of shelters that we support. We have 3R representatives who regularly communicate and visit the shelters to save dogs who may be at the end of their time, need medical care or help those who are just not dealing well with shelter life. They are evaluated as best we can to ensure that they would be a good candidate for 3R Rescue. Once we have committed to a dog, the “Rehabilitation” phase begins.

Rehabilitation = All 3R dogs enter a standard program. Dogs that come to 3R are spayed/ neutered and updated on all shots. They are also put on a program designed specifically for their needs. For some dogs this means a nutritional program. For others it may mean taking care of long ignored medical conditions. Almost all require basic obedience training. Others require a program to make them again emotionally whole. Still others need time to learn socialize with other dogs and in some cases with people.

Re-home = We have several avenues to find a dog the right home

    1. Waggin Trains – Our greatest success. We partner with other 501(c)(3) organizations to maximize resources to find dogs a new home.
    2. Private Adoptions – We offer wonderful dogs for adoption.
    3. Match-making Service – We have been very successful finding dogs for people who know exactly what they want and want to save a life!! You can complete our pre- adoption form if you are interested in this service.

3R Rescue is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization

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Board of Directors & Advisors

The 3R Team is composed of a board of directors and advisors who are subject matter experts and experienced business people.

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3R Recue was officially founded in 2012 by Linda Palagi Lynn and Jack Lynn who are longtime animal lovers, rescuers and supporters of other successful rescue organizations. Linda and Jack have personally rescued and rehabilitated dogs, cats, chickens and horses and other animals over the last 25 years. The majority of animals they have taken into their homes and hearts were abused, mistreated and troubled and just needed a second chance. They have also taken in traumatized animals considered ‘unadoptable’ by shelters because of behavior problems. Given the opportunity to adjust and trust, rescued animals are able to show their wonderful and unique personalities.

A successful business woman, Linda has worked in the medical field – both human and veterinary – where in addition to project management, she developed policies and procedures, facilities and budgets,. Her background in the veterinary field has provided her with a strong network of animal health professionals to support 3Rs’ needs.

Jack has years in the construction industry, which have been put to good use building facilities to house and care for the dogs. His years of experience with dog agility and basic training are a huge plus for the rescue.

Linda and Jack put a lot of time and thought into the decision to start 3R and are passionate in their efforts to make it a success.

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Financial Statements

Dollars at Work

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How You can Help

We are just getting started. We need your help!

Please consider adopting or fostering.
We need you to get the word out – like us on Facebook and follow us on other social media.
We also need your time – volunteer.
Of course we always appreciate donations. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

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