A Home For Cody

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This is Cody – he is very scared and shy but is slowly becoming more confident in his new home 🙂

** Update 3 1/2 years – Cody is the perfect terrier.  He is a good citizen.  He is 100% callback and is socially appropriate with other dogs.  He lives with horses, dogs, 2 house cats and one barn feral cat. Sometimes when he is extra confident, he likes to pounce on them but never goes beyond.  He is best friends with a lab.  Cody is the best horse dog – walks near but reads “horse cues” and knows when to keep a distance.  Cody still is a shy dog with people but he is getting better very, very slowly and carefully.  We love Cody and feel he was so fortunate to be given a chance by 3R Rescue.


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